An experienced life & business coach who speaks about Amma as the inspiration behind his success (…/amma-the-loving-hugging…) participated in the virtual IAM training along with a few consultants from University Frankfurt, Germany and students from university Putra Malaysia.

After a single session, they felt tangible improvements in their mental make-up and energy levels. They were excited to recommend this technique to their peers. Unlike other spiritual practices, IAM’s benefits are immediately experienced. This makes IAM a versatile, practical and apt practice for people leading busy lives in today’s times.

“We are so thankful to Amma for this wonderful technique. We felt our mind is completely silent. Really enjoyed the training a lot. IAM practice will surely help to reduce stress and to develop qualities and skills. We found the right meditation technique for us. Now we will surely develop a consistent daily practice”, remarked the participants.

IAM, as a standalone practice, combines yoga poses, breathing exercises, visualization and Pranayama, all of which are integral for mental wellness in today’s times.