Corporate HR Managers from the biggest cities of India participated in a Wellness Program as part of  C20 Integrated Holistic Health WG event during an HR Conclave at Coimbatore. The participants were excited to hear about the Research and Benefits of IAM Meditation and deeply interested in what IAM could offer in terms of professional enhancement and stress relief.

The Conclave participants said that IAM practice will definitely help them to manage their mind to lead a stress free life which is very much essential for leaders. The Managers were highly inspired to offer IAM Meditation Training in their respective organizations soon.

Integrated Amrita Meditation combines Yoga, Breathing exercises, Visualization and Pranayama, all of which are integral for physical and mental wellness in today’s times. IAM is born out of Amma’s selfless and unconditional Love for the humanity.

“This is the need of the hour for all leaders and professionals. It is an excellent combination of yoga and meditation. I am sure, through the regular practice of IAM, people will be more efficient and productive”, said Mr Ajin Pisharody, General Manager (Learning & Development), Reliance Retail, Mumbai.

“It is a great Meditation practice. I could experience Amma’s pure Love. Thank you so much for the session. I am looking forward to meet Amma”, said Ms Divya Sonali Minz, Director (Human Resources), Avnet India Pvt. Limited, Bangalore.