Business students find relaxation in meditation: The need for increased focus and resilience, especially for managers has been obvious during these gruelling months of the global pandemic. Regular meditation is shown to improve our ability to focus and make better decisions, especially in stressful situations. The Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique was shared with students at the Amrita School of Business, KochiAmrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham through a virtual workshop on 23 May 2021. All the students said that the workshop motivated them to practice IAM20 daily. “It was a very good experience and helped me to reduce stress,” said Sayanth Sudheer. “I feel relaxed and calm after a very long time.”, remarked Meghna B Raj. Meera Jayakumar said, “I feel really relaxed and tension free. I also feel cool and able to stretch myself more.” “Great experience. Really effective. Felt the relaxation right away,” said Harikrishnan K.  

Almost all participants appreciated the clarity of instructions, the demonstrations, the instructor’s friendliness, and the overall feel of the workshop and how it helped take their mind out of all the stress. IAM20 has been scientifically proven to bring down levels of stress hormones adrenaline & cortisol within just 48 hours of practice.

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