Meditation has been found to be very effective in relieving stress and increasing productivity. Considering this, it’s not a surprise that this ancient practice is growing in popularity in the corporate world. The list of CEO’s who use meditation to help them become better leaders is quite long. Add to it Ms. Lakshmi Das, Co-founder Prophaze Technologies Pvt. Ltd. who has been practicing the Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique (IAM20) without missing a day, since she first learnt it in August 2020 when the virtual IAM workshops started. Lakshmi says that her day starts with IAM since she doesn’t want to miss it. Observing that the practice helps with stress and emotional control, Lakshmi decided to share it with her team. 15 members from team Prophaze spread all across India came together for the Virtual workshop on 25 April 2021.  The team said that it was an amazing session and that they felt calm, relaxed and peaceful after the session. They felt that the clarity of instructions, the demonstration and the individual attention was excellent. The participants specifically mentioned that they liked the simplicity of the technique, and the fact that it was very easy to practice daily in just 20 minutes. All of them said that they were inspired to adopt a daily meditation practice after the session.  Prophaze Technologies is a promising cyber-security company that is incubated at Amrita TBI. Amrita TBI is a non-profit startup incubator supported by Govt. of India and Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham that funds, mentors and nurtures ideas, startups and entrepreneurs.…/amritatbi-best-startup

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