Managers from Adobe Systems and Services Australia, a Govt. Agency in Australia and marketing executives from Semtitans Digital Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai participated in the IAM Meditation Workshop. The session sparked off the start to positive changes in the participants’ mental state. Given the state of affairs in the world now, mental well-being is a key cornerstone of any type of progress. The participants remarked that they have heard a lot about the power of positive meditation. They experienced it and feel more mindful now and the practice has taught them methods of paying less attention to the negative thoughts, thus gaining positive energy.

“I feel so relaxed and stress-free now. I learned, when we withdrew the co-operation from negative thoughts, we gain the ability to witness those thoughts instead. Achieving even momentary success in doing so, gave me much relief and peace.”, said Ms Megan Evas from Australia.

“This practice is suitable and practical for anyone wishing to strike a healthy balance in the daily rush of work and life. I will definitely continue with the practice” said Mr Pradeep, Manager from Adobe Systems, Bangalore.

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