On 7th and 8th November we conducted sessions on Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique in Ranchi (Jharkhand state). The atmosphere within as well as without was quiet and serene. During the break, people enjoyed videos on Amma and Amma’s initiatives throughout the world. The attendees enjoyed the walking meditation a lot. There was laughter and their faces were beaming with tranquility

Sanjeev kumar, aged 35, a Horticulturist by profession said, “It’s an excellent experience for me in a very short time with very easy steps. After doing Amrita meditation, I feel that a golden light is filling in my whole body & I feel very warm & high vibration inside my body. This meditation technique contains not only self realisation technique but also it is prayer for all over the universe. Thanks for giving me this good opportunity to show me the path for knowing me, Who I am? Thanks again.” Rahul Manhar, aged 26, an Assistant Professor said, “Its marvellous and amazing experience of meditation & yoga. After Amrita meditation I felt that my body is different from my mind. Sometimes I felt that I am flying in sky that was great experience.”

Manju, aged 53, a housewife said, “With Amma’s grace, what I have found received today is unique and I am so thankful to Amma for this wonderful gift”

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