The Managing Directors and project managers of Bit Canny Technologies, Kolkata and Rently Software Development Private Ltd., Coimbatore participated in the IAM meditation training program. The participants were deeply interested in what IAM could offer in terms of professional enhancement and stress relief. After learning the IAM technique, it looked like a visible load had been lifted off their shoulders. They said, it was a rewarding experience, and we are grateful that we could learn such a wonderful meditation during COVID times. In addition to raising awareness on the benefits of meditation, the IAM session went a step further to inspire participants to assimilate the practice in their daily lives. “Thank you for the training. All of us at Bit Canny enjoyed and benefited from this. You have taken utmost care in organizing the session. The instructors showed deep care for each individual and explained and demonstrated well all through the sessions. I will practice the IAM meditation to my best ability.” said Luv Mehta – MD, Bit Canny Technologies. “IAM practice is really quietening the mind. I am sure, through regular practice, we will be more efficient and productive. I would like to offer this to all my employees” said Mr Bijoy Sivan, MD, Rently Software Development Private Ltd.


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