Bank of Maharashtra, a leading Nationalized Bank under the Government of India, embraces mindfulness with Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique (IAM). The first session, held in Bank of Maharashtra, Churchgate, Mumbai marked as a step towards the initiation of positive changes in the mental well-being of their General Managers, Chief Managers and Senior Managers. Participants expressed a heightened sense of relaxation and calmness, attributing it to the IAM practice. They shared that the IAM technique have equipped them with learnings to minimize focus on negative thoughts and fostering a flow of positive energy into their lives.

Integrated Amrita Meditation combines Yoga, Breathing exercises, Visualization and Pranayama, all of which are integral for physical and mental wellness in today’s times. IAM is born out of Amma’s selfless and unconditional Love for the humanity.

Mr Pradeep Gupta, Dy. Gen. Manager said, “IAM Meditation is a very good relaxation technique to be incorporated to the busy schedules of corporate professionals. It aims to enhance overall well-being by incorporating mindfulness into our daily routines. We have to make sure that the we incorporate this good practice into our daily life. We are very grateful for the wonderful training session”.

Mr Vibhor Malondkar, Senior Manager at Bank of Maharashtra, expressed his satisfaction, stating, “I am very happy and feel fortunate to learn IAM. After attending just one session, I feel light and am now eager to bring it into my daily schedule. ”

IAM Meditation Technique, is a simple yet powerful meditation created by Mata Amritananadamayi Devi, renowned humanitarian & spiritual leader has benefitted millions globally in finding peace and relaxation. Research on IAM has demonstrated that just two days of practice can lead to a significant reduction in cortisol and adrenaline levels, sustaining the positive effects for up to eight months. Additional benefits include improved concentration, relaxation, expansive thinking, and heightened awareness, all contributing to increased employee productivity.

This initiative has underscored the bank’s commitment to the holistic well-being of their employees, highlighting the positive impact of mindfulness practices even in a corporate setting.