Young professionals from Bank of Maharashtra, Mumbai participated in the IAM Meditation Training. In today’s lifestyle, stress management has become an essential part for any professional in order to have a better chance of holding on to a healthy and successful life. With consideration to this, an exclusive Integrated Amrita Meditation Training (IAM) session was organized at the Bank of Maharashtra for its young employees after the first session held for their Managers.

IAM Meditation is a combination of Yoga, Breathing exercises, Visualization and Pranayama that can be practiced in 20 minutes a day. IAM is born out of Amma’s selfless and unconditional Love for the humanity.

It’s a secular practice that combines gentle yoga poses with sitting meditation. The benefits of IAM Meditation extend beyond mere professional development, offering a holistic approach to personal growth. By embracing this mindfulness technique, youth will cultivate essential skills positively influencing their overall well-being, reduced stress and anxiety, increased energy levels, reduced anger and frustration, and improved learning ability.

Ms Ankita Arjun Gole remarked, “While practicing IAM meditation I was feeling very light, there were not many unnecessary thoughts coming in and I feel more focused. It is a refreshing experience. IAM Meditation can help youth improve their focus and concentration and tap into their inner potential and self-confidence. This can help them perform better in their careers Thank you IAM team for investing in our well-being.”

The happier the employees are, the better the output. They turn into better collaborators, learn things faster, spread more energy and cheer around, which enhances creativity and innovativeness at the workplace multifold. In today’s highly competitive world, stress management is a mission critical factor for every organization and this initiative reflects the bank’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its workforce and ensuring that mindfulness practices are accessible and relevant to employees of all ages.