Directors, Managers and IT professionals of Semtitans Digital Private Limited, Mumbai participated in the Integrated Amrita Meditation Training and witnessed a profound transformation as they immersed themselves in the Meditation Practice.

IAM20, a combination of meditation and yoga, became a catalyst for mental clarity amidst the professional chaos. Amma emphasizes, “In stillness, you will find your true strength.” For these professionals, the practice offered a sanctuary to recharge, fostering resilience in their demanding roles.

As the room echoed with collective stillness, IAM20 unfolded as a tool for stress relief and enhanced focus. In the fast-paced corporate world, this technique served as a reminder that amidst responsibilities, a cantered mind is a powerful asset.

Integrated Amrita Meditation combines Yoga, Breathing exercises, Visualization and Pranayama, all of which are integral for physical and mental wellness in today’s times. IAM is born out of Amma’s selfless and unconditional Love for the humanity.

The Semtitans leadership embraced not only the physical benefits but also the mental fortitude gained through IAM Meditation. Directors and Managers left the session with a renewed sense of purpose, ready to navigate challenges with a calm mind and resilient spirit.

Kamini Sharma, Co-Founder & Director said “I am experiencing a profound sense of positivity within me. Prior to meditation, when the instructor asked us to observe our thoughts, various unnecessary negative thoughts occupied my mind. However, after the meditation session, when the instructor once again asked us to witness our thoughts, I was pleasantly surprised to find a serene and completely silent mind. A profound feeling of calmness enveloped me. I am genuinely looking forward to persisting with this practice.”.

“Very Powerful. I feel very fresh, energetic and calm. I would like to continue this on a daily basis.”, said Sanjay Yadav, Founder & CEO at Semtitans

“It was a very nice session. I feel calm and more relaxed. I could say IAM meditation has the power to make you more energetic which will definitely increase our potential. I would recommend all my team members to continue with the practice.”, remarked Ms Ayushi Srivastava, SEM Project Manager at Semtitans

Let IAM20 be the compass guiding these professionals towards a harmonious integration of inner peace and professional success.