Chiropractic physicians from Creative Chiropractic Health Clinic, USA, Students from Cegep Bois-de-Boulogne, Canada, Engineers from Olam International, Nigeria, a Professor from Amity University Mumbai and an Engineer from Ramakrishna Associates Bangalore attended the virtual IAM Meditation Training.

The participants felt very peaceful after the session and wanted to incorporate the meditation technique in their daily routines. They said that, it would bring about immense benefits for their day to day lives. IAM, as a standalone practice, combines yoga poses, breathing exercises and positive visualization. All of which are integral for mental wellness in today’s times.

“I found that, IAM postures are extremely good for the spine health and good for best relaxation too. The breathing and visualization also are very powerful for good mental health. This is the best practice to maintain both the mental and physical health. Thanks to Amma for this wonderful gift! I am so thankful to the instructors for offering the workshop in an interesting way. I would definitely attend the refresher and make this as part of my daily routine”, said Dr Luis Berbessi, a Chiropractic physician from USA.

“This is my first meditation experience. I enjoyed a lot. I had never thought I could spend so much quiet time with myself. It was a great experience. Feeling more focused and calm. IAM practice will definitely help me to cope with the academic stress. I will definitely continue the practice”, remarked Mr Daniel Younes, a student from Cegep Bois-de-Boulogne, Canada.

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