IAM refresher with Q&A session was held for the participants who took part in the virtual training. The participants got a chance to clarify their doubts with the instructor and do the group practice. They remarked, how the refresher courses are imperative as they help them refresh their knowledge and brush up on the technique and also give them new information, they may not be aware of. They spent the morning listening to other participants’ experience of doing the meditation and how so many tangible benefits can be gained from the discipline of IAM over time if diligently practiced on a regular basis.  

“I can feel the difference in my days after I started practicing IAM meditation. Feeling more energetic, fresh and composed. The refresher course was a zeal booster to continue the daily practice. The Q&A really inspired me to know more about meditation and our mind. Heartfelt thanks to the instructors”, said Mr Murali Iyer, Manager from Accenture, Bangalore. 

“IAM has become a part of my daily routine. I can experience the purification process happening through IAM practice. It is something beyond words. I am more confident and happy. I am really thankful to Amma for this wonderful gift. ”, remarked Poorjava Subrahmanian, LLB student from Coimbatore.  


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