Managers&Engineers from VMware India Pvt. Ltd. participated in IAM Meditation training program. The virtual session brought immediate relief and relaxation to the learners. IAM is a simple yet powerful meditation technique that imparts channeling breath and harnessing visualization powers positively for maximum relaxation and concentration. Participants concurred that they felt tangible benefit after just one session. Meditation is gaining worldwide recognition for its powers in improving people’s mental health and restoring inner calm. “I liked it so much. I have observed that the headache and discomfort that I had completely went away soon after the practice. I’m feeling good and relaxed. Will continue the regular practice.” said Ms Shweta Wagh, Software Engineer. “We are normally not aware of our breathing. I feel so much energetic when I did the concentration and breathing techniques with awareness. It was a wonderful relaxing experience”, remarked Mr Rahul Pande, one of the Sr.Managers from the team. “I liked the visualizations very much. It was an awesome experience to feel the Goodness, Love and Peace”, remarked Mr Abhijit Patil, Software Engineer. “Aligning the mind, body and breath, IAM meditation has the potential to be cornerstone of superior employee performance. We will ensure that we do the regular practice and improve the efficiency of the team”, said Mr Mahendra Bhagat, Senior Manager from the VMware.



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