More than 150 people participated in a IAM Technique courses held across two days in Panchkula (Haryana state in India), just adjacent to the Chandigarh city. The workshop was conducted by Brahmachari Amit, certified IAM instructor from Mata Amritanandamayi Math, Kerala.

Following were some of the feedbacks from the participants who attended these sessions,

“It was really a wonderful session, i enjoyed every bit of it. You will not believe that since morning when i woke up i was having a severe headache, but after the session i was so relaxed and my headache had also gone. I think if we try this daily then we will be free from stress and have a healthy life. ”

– Ms Divya

“Thank you so much for organising this meditation camp. It is worth following and very practical . Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart. Iwill practice it daily and share my experiences with you”

– Ms Ritu

“It was worth attending.The way he (Amit Brahamchari ) taught us was wonderful. After today’s session I got peace of mind and felt little bit stress free. The mind becomes fresh and results in increase of energy”

– Ms Amita

Some of the participants had met Amma during her recent visit to Chandigarh on 18th March 2018

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