On International Day of Yoga, Amma’s Dallas program opened up with an energizing session of AmritaYoga in the presence of Amma. All those gathered, young and old, participated in the interactive yoga session. The youth from Ayudh also participated in this session, Amma kept smiles on everyone’s faces as she helped demonstrate the poses on a two year old child. The intention of Amrita Yoga, Amma’s heart-centered yoga technique, is to reach beyond the physical practice of yoga to increase awareness and union with the divine in all aspects of life. .

On the occasion of International Day of Yoga, Amma said, ““The Sanskrit word yoga means to bring two things together — to merge. Some may say it is the merging of the individual soul into the Supreme Soul or of the devotee into God. But, in truth, yoga is not a coming together, but a moving apart. It is moving away from the misconception that we were ever apart from God. Every action done with awareness can, in fact, be called yoga. We should try to inculcate the same degree of awareness we have when performing yoga asanas in everything we do. In this manner, we can become focused in our True Self. We will realize that there has always been only peace and oneness. ”

International Yoga Day was celebrated by Embracing the World’s self reliant village program (Amrita SeRVe) in 21 states across India. More than a thousand people attended events. International day of Yoga was also celebrated in Amma’s various instiutions (including schools, colleges, hospitals) and Ashram branches – in India as well as North America, Europe, and Australia.


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