Project Leaders and Software Engineers from Rently Software Development Pvt. Ltd participated in a 2 day IAM Virtual Training. This was the fourth batch from the same organization attending the IAM training. The participants who joined from Kolkata, Pune and Coimbatore said that they were inspired by the wonderful feedback of their colleagues who attended the previous IAM meditation sessions and they too wanted to experience the benefits of IAM in their life. During the virtual sessions, they were engaged in learning how to relax while performing at a high level of competency at work. “We are feeling very relaxed and calm now. The idea of meditation as an essential tool of turning inwards for mental equilibrium, contentment and joy is gaining popularity in corporate sectors, proving that spirituality and the pursuit of success in material life can indeed go hand in hand. As times get more and more stressful, IAM meditation has become the need of the hour.” said the participants.


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