Senior Managers from Infosys Bangalore, NTTData, a Japanese multinational system integration company, Finastra, a UK based financial technology company, DXC Technology, an American multinational corporation, EY India Bangalore, students from IIT Hyderabad and CDAC, Entrepreneurs from Protect World International Pvt Ltd(OPC), and professionals from Cambridge Clothing Company & AIMS, Kochi participated in IAM meditation training. The training was conducted in 2 sessions. Few participants said that they heard from their friends that IAM meditation has gained traction as a stress reliever in recent times and that was the inspiration for them to join the training. During the virtual session, attendees felt very much in touch with their inner selves and were able to utilize breathing techniques to dispel stress and tension. As they retreated deep within themselves, they experienced much peace and calm. The students from IIT Hyderabad were sure that IAM could help them in their hectic schedule to effectively manage their day-to-day stress and they requested us to offer the training for their friends.


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