Q&A and Refresher courses were conducted for various batches of virtual IAM participants. The sessions were attended by the regular IAM practitioners. It was a great opportunity for the IAM practitioners to learn in depth about meditation and clarify their doubts. They also practiced IAM meditation together and asked further questions about IAM & meditation in general. All participants were extremely enthusiastic to share the benefits of their IAM practice. Refresher courses have been conducting in every 2 weeks for the participants of virtual IAM training. “The refresher has really helped to raise the focus and interest to do the regular meditation practice. IAM practice has been helped me to be stress-free in spite of my busy schedule”, said Apoorv Singhal, Dy.Manager, International Business at Kalpataru Power Transmission, Mumbai. “This was a great experience. We learnt a lot from the IAM instructors during the refresher course. The meditation experiences of other practitioners and their queries also were very interesting and it has inspired us to continue with the practice.” said Ms Apporva Baswe, MS student at Manchester Metropolitan University, England, UK.


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