Teachers from Mauritius Island who works in St Enfant Jesus RCA School, Senior Managers from Nextgen Healthcare, Bangalore, the Principal, VHSE Trivandrum, a professor from Tusra Degree College, Odisha and a student from TNAU (Tamil Nadu Agricultural University), Coimbatore participated in IAM Meditation Virtual Training. All participants thanked the instructors from Amrita and said, they are eager to start the practice and experience the benefits of IAM. “I consider this as a great blessing from Amma that I could learn IAM at this stressful period. I feel very much stable and in control of my thoughts, which were generally haywire previously” said Ms Bonne Jennifer from Mauritius. “The IAM meditation will definitely help us to manage the stress and I would like to recommend IAM to my colleagues and friends. I will try my best to practice it regularly and will definitely attend the refresher course too” said Mr Ravi Ananthakrishnan, Sr Manager, Nextgen Healthcare, Bangalore.


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