Students from Manchester Metropolitan University, England, Engineers from Berlin, Germany, Seafarers from Bahri, a National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia and a Rehabilitation Psychologist from Chethana Foundation for Mental Health participated in the virtual IAM training. Ranging from university students to psychologists, engineers and seafarers, the group from all walks of life and from different countries, gathered for the common purpose of finding peace in the whirlwind of their life’s activities. At the end of the training, the participants said that they feel calm and focused and more aware of their thoughts. They expressed that IAM is so easy to perform but the results of it brings untold relief from the ups and downs of life, the best technique for work-life balance. “I very much enjoyed the training. The sequence of practice is very clear and now I feel inspired to keep meditating. IAM practice will definitely help me to perform my actions in the best manner with a calm mind”, said Ms Nimisha Chavan, a Master’s student from Manchester Metropolitan University, England.


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