Q&A and Refresher courses were conducted for various batches of virtual IAM participants. The IAM practitioners enthusiastically did the revision and clarified their doubts in the Q&A session. They said, they are able to experience the reduction of stress, improvement in their concentration and clarity of mind. All of them have inspired their friends and relatives to learn IAM Meditation. It was a great platform for the practitioners to share the benefits of IAM experienced in their life. “IAM practice has really made my life stress-free. Now, I have a very positive outlook and higher perspective about life. I experience the increased energy level”, said Mr Nilesh Desai, a Senior Engineer from Shell India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore. “IAM practice has been a great experience for me. What I’ve had is, a much better understanding of what meditation is about and how it can be brought into day to day life to help deal with whatever emotions come up. I experience more peace regardless of my busy schedule”, said Mr Saunak Sen Gupta, Software Engineer from Bit Canny Technologies, Pune.


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