Doctors from TVMC Medical College Chennai, Officers from CPWD, Govt. of India, Automation engineers from Emerson, Mumbai, Engineers from HAL Bangalore, Software Engineers from Harman International India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, an Advocate from District Court, Kochi and a professional from France participated in the IAM Meditation Program.

It was really exciting to have inspired professionals from diverse fields, from various parts of the country and abroad. The participants said that at the right time Amma brought the gift of Virtual IAM Workshops at no charge to so many people during COVID-19. Attending IAM meditation virtually, the participants learnt the secret of relaxing each part of the body and mind with Yoga & breathing practices while introducing powerful, reaffirming visualizations.

They found it as a perfect platform to exchange their perception and meditation experiences with each other and with the instructors.

“The human mind, a fickle tool, needs to be treated with care and expertise especially when trying to grapple with the topsy-turvy world we live in during COVID-19. Nowadays people in the modern world go for bath salts, spas and massages for relaxation. But the real relaxation can only be achieved when we get the control of our mind at least to some extend and be unaffected by the external circumstances. IAM Meditation is really helping us to achieve this”, said Ms Aishwarya Palav, an Automation engineer from Emerson, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

“I feel so relaxed and calm after the workshop. The virus has gripped the entire world in a vicious cycle of fear and other unhealthy thoughts and emotions. I am sure, IAM Meditation practice will provide refuge from negativity and real relaxation to the anxious minds. IAM is a perfect package of yoga, pranayama, breathing exercises, concentration and visualization techniques which is most suitable for modern days”, said Ms Drisya Kamal, Advocate from District Court, Kochi, Kerala

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