IAM practitioners gathered online for a refresher course and Q&A session to jog their memories about the steps of IAM and also to get revitalised in the presence of other practitioners. The participants got a chance to learn about IAM in depth and clarify their doubts with the instructor. They spent the morning listening to other participants’ wonderful experiences of doing the meditation daily during the times of COVID.

“The IAM practice has helped me to feel more peaceful even in such bleak times where everything seems stagnated and in critical condition. I feel, collective prayers and practices, even virtually, has transformative power and gives hope during bad times.” Remarked Dr Smita, a dentist from Mumbai.

“I was not very regular with the practice earlier. But now during this pandemic, I realized that meditation practice is essential to have a work-life balance especially to manage the stress while meeting the deadlines and managing the employees working from home. IAM meditation just does wonders in life now and I experience more happiness and relaxation day by day”, said Mr Mahendra Bhagat, Senior Manager at VMWare Software India Pvt.Ltd., Pune

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