Q&A session with IAM refresher was offered to IAM practitioners as an opportunity to gather virtually and reiterate the importance of focusing on themselves for a short time daily by the practice of IAM. Despite living in a world where people are constantly appearing to do things that benefit themselves, rarely do people know how to actually focus the dissipated outward going rays of their mind to a calm, centered and inward point.

The participants were excited to share their meditation experience with each other and with the instructor. They said that keeping in touch with fellow practitioners is a good way to prioritize the practice of IAM as a tool of mental and physical reinvigoration.

“I am extremely thankful to Amma for this wonderful meditation technique. Not a single day passes in my life without IAM meditation practice. The inner transformation that I experience is so tangible”, said Mr John George, Engineer from Panorama Contracting & Engineering W.L.L., Bahrain.

“I feel immense relaxation, IAM is an unusual stress relief activity in today’s times. The refresher was a good reminder to participants to take time for themselves to recharge and not to give up the practice of IAM even if we feel, setting aside time for it becomes challenging sometimes.” remarked Mr Sreekumar P, Software Engineer from Accenture, Bangalore.

“I do the practice every day. Feeling really stress-free throughout the day and I am able to manage my work in a much balanced way. So happy that I could integrate IAM meditation practice as part of my daily schedule” said Ms Vineetha, Operations team lead, Victoria English School Sharjah, UAE.

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