Journalists from Republic Bharat Mumbai, reporters from Semtitans Digital Private Limited Mumbai, a Physician from Redondo Beach, California, Professors from RVITM Engineering College in Bangalore and teachers from Amrita Vidyalayam participated in the IAM Meditation Program. The Workshop witnessed the professionals from all walks of life, gathered to learn how to balance mind in adverse situations and to find peace in the whirlwind of life’s activities.

The attendees said, they were feeling calm and focused and more aware of themselves and their thoughts at the end of it. They expressed the opinion that IAM is so easy to practice even for any beginners but the results of it brings untold relief from the ups and downs of life.

“In the age of COVID-19, journalistic integrity is more important than ever. Meditative practices could be a great tool for journalists. I am sure that IAM practice will help me to quieten the mind and deal with the stress of deadlines. Only with a relaxed mind can you listen to what people are saying instead of barreling along with what you think the story is… It will definitely help me to be more empathetic and understand the situation properly.” said Mr Pritesh Kamat, Journalists from Republic Bharat Mumbai,

“I have heard of IAM and have been longing to learn and practice it for a long time. Somehow I did not find an opportunity to participate. The virtual workshop was extremely useful for many people to join from various cities across the countries. I am feeling so relaxed and energetic. I am sure, the regular practice will make my life more peaceful and also meaningful”, remarked Dr Sindu Sheth, Physician from California

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