Heartfelt thanks from the diverse group of professionals from Hong Kong, Australia, UK, Dubai, Malaysia & India!! The IAM Meditation Program witnessed the enthusiastic participation from a senior Valuation Office Agency Property Valuer from United Kingdom, Cloud Engineers from Nimbus Cloud Services, Malaysia, Entrepreneurs from Hong Kong & Australia, a Lawyer from the High Court, Maharashtra, India, Software Engineers from Emsyne Dubai (Muthoot Systems And Technologies Pvt. Ltd.), and an IT Professional from British Multinational Telecommunications(BT) Bangalore. All participants reflected that, on a regular day they would be prone to being overwhelm by work stress. After practicing IAM they felt calmer and more equipped to manage their stress.

“The biggest takeaway from the workshop was the understanding that my happiness is my responsibility regardless of “externals”. I feel so calm. I am sure that IAM will help me to let go of emotional baggage that was weighing me down”, said Mr Luke Au Yeung, an Entrepreneur from Hong Kong.

“I very much enjoyed the workshop. The basic sequence of practices are very clear. Now I feel motivated to keep meditating. I recognize the benefits of IAM for long term health and success”, said Ms Vasandha, a senior Valuation Office Agency Property Valuer from UK.

“Excellent Workshop! Good combination of yoga and meditation. Great tools and techniques learned, thank you. I will definitely integrate this with my daily routine” said, Ms Puja D Patil, Lawyer from the High Court, Maharashtra.

“I am learning meditation for the first time in my life. I really enjoyed it, it gave me an interesting and down to earth understanding. I picked up some wonderful tips and feel very relaxed. I will definitely practice IAM”, said Ms Darsana, Software Engineer from Emsyne, Dubai.

“Really enjoyed it! Though I had learnt it before I was not very regular with the practice. Now I realize the importance of daily meditation practice and I will definitely continue with it”, remarked Ms Jenny Raj, IT professional from BT, Bangalore who is also an active AYUDH member of AYUDH Bangalore chapter.

The participants expressed their wish to meet Amma and have Her blessings !

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