IAM practitioners gathered online for a Q&A and Revision on the Meditation Technique. During the session, it was very inspiring to hear that the meditation helped them to gain better control over their emotions. They said, the breathing techniques and therapeutic physical movements was reminiscent of yoga.

In today’s world many people have high IQ but struggle with EQ as human connection has reduced in spite of technological advancements lowering barriers of communication. IAM has improved many people’s EQ as it has made them cognizant of their own emotions as well as intuitively receptive to others’ emotions. All participants clarified their questions with the instructor and shared their meditation experiences with each other.

“The regular practice of IAM has been giving me the ability to manage stress and break free from anxiety. It is helping me to build a harmonious inner connection with the divine. I am so happy and peaceful after I integrated IAM in my life”, said Ms. Karen Sherwin, a nurse practitioner from Kaiser Permanente, Seattle, Washington.

This way, IAM Virtual sessions go a step further to serve as a reminder to the practitioners to connect deeply with other living beings and experience the fundamental oneness of all of creation.

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