The recent IAM Virtual Leaders’ workshop brought together 20 participants from UK, France, UAE, Germany, Singapore and Kerala, Telangana, Himachal Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu in India. The participants immersed themselves in learning the Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique and tips to develop the IAM habit.

The IAM virtual workshops launched in July 2020, after the advent of the COVID19 pandemic have seen hundreds of participants from diverse walks of life come together and learn how to find peace and relaxation by practicing IAM during these challenging times. Sharing her experience about the workshop, Emma, a fashion designer from UK said, “I feel more relaxed, centred and appreciating everything around me more. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Marion Amouroux, student at the Institute of technology, Université d’Orléans France said, “I feel calm, quiet, rested even though it is the middle of the night for me ! What I liked most was Amma’s Grace in this.”

“I loved the session. I enjoyed the exercises, and the meditation technique. I feel more relaxed, less stressed, and deep inner peace”, said Rachna Chhabria, writer and author from Bangalore.

Darshana Padmadas, student at TU München, Technical University of Munich, Germany, said that she felt relaxed and calmer and that it helped her with anxiety issues.

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