Research Scholars from University of Guelph, Canada, security analysts from Siemens Germany, a Lawyer from Cochin, Engineers from CPWD, Coimbatore, a student from Ashoka University, Haryana and Teachers from Amrita Vidyalayams participated in the IAM meditation Workshop. IAM meditation is a simple yet powerful technique that will help you to feel healthier, happier, and peaceful in life by spending just 20 minutes for the daily practice. Daily IAM practice help people to be mentally strong and stress free in their working environment.

The participants said that after a single session, they felt uplifted, free of stress and experienced a boost in their energy levels.

Ms Nima Nalin, a research scholar from University of Guelph said that she was having migraine when she came for the meditation training and got surprised when she noticed, at the end of meditation, her migraine had gone.

If practiced regularly, IAM could improve our ability to focus to make better decisions, especially in stressful situations, give greater clarity of mind and gain better perspective and a more positive outlook on life.

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