S/W Developers from Microsoft, Washington, USA, Founder and CEO at Shaman Leaders, Finland, a professional yoga instructor from Italy and Doctors from Noble Hospital, Pune, India participated in virtual IAM Meditation Training. The participants were extremely happy and thankful as it offered more individual attention and brought the awareness of meditation right to professional’s doorsteps! 

“I came to know about IAM meditation from my friend in UK who participated in the virtual IAM training recently. I was so excited to hear the benefits and her meditation experiences. I feel so happy, calm and energetic after the session and I will definitely continue with the practice. I am sure, IAM will help me to manage the hectic schedule as well as the busy and stressful professional life.” remarked Mr Prajesh, Software Developer from Microsoft, Redmond, Washington. 

“IAM practice will definitely create a better routine and I find it simple yet very powerful. It is a beautiful blend of mental and physical regime, even when beginners to meditation could perform IAM flawlessly. I feel more balanced, grounded and harmonized. Leadership, requires balance and only a balanced leader knows how to motivate employees to be their best. I found IAM as the best way to bring work-life balance and I will definitely recommend IAM for all those leaders who work with us”, said Mr Olli Mattila , The Founder and CEO at Shaman Leaders, Helsinki, Finland. Ms Uli Lerch, a professional yoga instructor from Italy commented that even though she had been practicing yoga and meditation for years, IAM meditation provided her a new perspective of life and approach to meditation. She said, it has invoked a divine feel within. 

The participants thanked Amma for gifting this wonderful practice and expressed their wish to meet Amma!  We wish them all the best as they undertake this journey to a well-balanced mind and body. 

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