Students from IIT Madras, Entrepreneurs from Argentina & Australia, Deputy Manager HR at Amrita University, Coimbatore Campus, Professors from XIME Management Institute, Chennai and a student from Amrita University participated in IAM Meditation Training. The participants said that after a single session, they felt uplifted, free of stress and experienced a boost in their energy levels. COVID-19 has been demoralizing for so many people, but IAM practitioners got enthusiasm and renewed determination to fight the effects of the pandemic. If practiced regularly, IAM could become part of our self-care routine to insulate us from external and internal stressors as the practice reduces our sensitivity to stimulation of the senses by turning us inwards instead.

“I feel so relaxed and good after the training. I am sure that IAM practice will improve my attention span, memory and concentration which will help me in my studies and to manage the academic stress. I am so thankful to Amma”, said Ms Srinidhi from IIT Madas.

“I am sure that IAM will help control my job-related anxiety. I am feeling more calm and confident even with one-time training. The regular practice of IAM will definitely gift me a stress-free life” said Mr Daniel Santucho, an entrepreneur from Argentina

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