Teaching as a profession can be hard sometimes. Knowing that they have a major role in studentsdevelopment, alongside parents, in nurturing, grooming, and moulding the student, could force teachers into some stress. To help our faculty members manage stress and perform at their best, the Office of Youth Empowerment,OYEAmrita, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus shared the Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique with faculty members of the Amrita School of Agriculture Sciences , Coimbatore and Amrita Institutions, Nagercoil. When teachers take some time to meditate, their mind gets refreshed, and open to new ideas. It enhances their teaching ability by helping them focus where it’s needed, avoiding distractions. It instills calmness and confidence hence they don’t get triggered at the slightest provocation from a student and gives them the strength to handle seemingly difficult situations in the classroom and without. It helps them become aware of their inner powers, stirring enthusiasm to dispense knowledge and they’re able to share the fragrance with their students. “Feeling free, calm, relaxed, peaceful, happy, refreshed” were the common comments from the participants of the ‘Stress Management through IAM’ Virtual workshop. Dr Suresh Kumar, Principal, of the Amrita School of Agriculture, who participated in the workshop inspiring the faculty members appreciated the simplicity of the practice which he said motivates one for a consistent practice. Libin Antony, faculty member from Amrita Institutions Nagercoil said, “IAM is really awesome, literally I feel energized and new. I can feel some good vibrations inside me.” Dr. Dhivayapriya, faculty coordinator, AYUDH, Amrita School of Agriculture mentioned that earlier she found it tough to take time from her busy schedule for yoga and meditation, but IAM, in just 20 minutes makes one physically and mentally healthy. She also said that she didn’t feel the workshop was virtual due to the guidance, instructions and personal attention by the instructor.


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